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Artist | Hobbyist
Hello and welcome to my page~

First thing's first, my icon's base is by whispwill~

Hungarian, cat fanatic girl, who is obsessed with BTS and who almost annoyingly lacks self-confidence~
Also self-taught :reading:
You can find me on instagram as well!
I upload sketches, WIPs and traditional art there so I might be more active there!

Wishful Thinking by whispwill Hyper Critical by whispwill I Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
Llama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJ


A drawing for a Hungarian contest~ The jury chose only 7 artworks out of the 60 in total, and now people can vote on those 7
Too bad mine didn't make it; I worked alot, and I mean a lot with this one T v T Sobs
Neeevermind, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out? I just had a sudden idea for it and just jumped right into it which is something that I don't do that often BTS Emoticons#10 
Also, I'm a support main so I don't play with Ekko that much, I just really like his design ; v ;
You never walk alone - Contest entry
The theme of the contest is Not Today x Spring Day~ zoom Not Day? Spring Today? Ehhh, nevermind
The reason why I drew Jiminie and not someone else is because in Spring Day he looks like a fluffy cinnamon roll and I just want to hug him, while in Not Today...... Christian Chim Chim, no need to say more BTS Derp Jimin Sooo yeah, I tried to show the difference between the emotions of the two songs, but still, you have to know that whoever you are, and wherever you are, you never walk alone~ BTS Yoonmin Hug (Suga and Jimin) 
I enjoyed doing this~ I tried some new stuff, such as coloring my lineart! Aaaaaaaaand it was pretty long ago when I last drew non-chibi characters waaaa~ gasp Some times I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun Heart BTS Emoticons#14 *proud* It could have been better, but whatevs, I did my best~ Thumbs up 
Alias Cinnamon roll on the run Yoosung Mystic Messenger 10
Naaaah, I am not a Mystic Messenger trash, pffff .... .... 707 Mystic Messenger 6 It's an old drawing haha, I wasn't very satisfied with how it looked so I almost gave up halfway through, but then I decided to finish it anyway 707 Mystic Messenger 2 I have a few other MysMes chibi doodles in my sketchbook, but no worries, I probably won't upload them Thumbs up 
Okie-dokie, have a nice day, bye Sweet Suga Smile 
Arcade Ezreal
Woosh, as I said in my journal, I really am still alive~ BTS Jungkook clap I don't have that much art that I can upload here, but I'm gonna slowly but surely upload what I do have BTS Emoticons#8 
Also! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii have an instagram~! Wooooooooo~~~ I will probably upload sketches, WIPs, traditional art aaaaaaaaand maybe some personal stuff there ; v ; You can find me as @maciichan Woaahhhh, what a surprise Don't be scared if I don't have anything up yet! I swear I will upload something as soon as possible~
Yyyyyyyyyyyyup, nothing else to say

Ayyyooo ladies and gentlemen~! BTS Policeman Jungkook 

Soo... Ummm... After like 5 months of inactivity, I'm still alive! Woooo~!! You might be wondering 'But Macii, what happened?'. Well my friend, let me tell you; (If you are too lazy to read this long text - which I can totally understand - just scroll down, there is a tl;dr part)
So as a final-year high school student, we had a prom; Yupp, I am not 13 years old hahh at first I was pretty excited and as my mother really wanted me to dance, I had no choice but to look for a partner whom I could dance with... Let me say that it was really awkward... BTS Emoticons#15 Okay, nevermind, I found someone, but soon I realized that I already had tons of extra classes and now I had an extra dance class BTS Suga being extra as usual Yeah, but it was fine, I told everyone I don't want to do this, but still, I was just whining so I got through it and in the end it was actually a lot of fun - especially the party after the dinner hahh BTS 2seok (Jhope and Jin) I don't really like parties, but I did enjoy this one, it was nice~ Wait, wait! Don't go yet, it's not over! Well, well... My class decided that for our.. 'school tableau'? (if you don't know what that is, just look it up on Google) my friend ( Kaonyan ) should draw eeeeeeeeevery siiingle person from the class as chibis, and I should color them BTS Emoticons#24 Yeah, yeah, I love coloring digitally, it takes a loooong time to finish, but it is fun for me atleast but I had 2 more extra art classes/week since I want to go to an Art University... Which ment that I had extra classes every single day, expect for Sunday... Yeah, I had to wake up early every day, but Sunday... I was fricking tired and had no time at all, I stayed up late to color the chibis and had to wake up early.. 'cause I can't miss school? I was crying and whining a lot this time T v T Oh and I forgot to tell you that my tablet broke while I was coloring ahahaha... So I had to borrow my sister's tab and I still don't have a new one BTS Emoticons#5 It took us a few months and we worked really hard with Kaonyan, but we did it and it turned out pretty cool BTS Fluffy Taehyung You thought that it was over, right? Well, too bad, I'm still not done BTS Suga happy emoticon As I mentioned earlier, it is my final year in high school, so what does that mean? Yes, school leaving exams! BTS I am already half way through them though, now I have a small break and the next part will be in the middle of June BTS Derp Taehyung 


This is my last year in High School, I had toooooooooons of stuff to do, I had neither time nor energy to draw/check dA BTS Emoticons#7 THE END~

Anyone got this far? No? Okay... Or if you did, then good job~ Thumbs up Thanks, for reading!
But before I finally finish this journal I have a few questions:
     -First of all, do I still have any active watchers? :'D
     -Second: Should I keep uploading my drawings here? I really want to start uploading my drawings somewhere again, so it's probably either here or tumblr Suga
     -Or is it possible to delete this account and register again with the same username and stuff? Can I do that?

Huhh? What do you mean these are all BTS emoticons? Me? Being addicted to them? Pfffffffff, no no no, not today man zoom Do you really think I was tweeting 100 times every day in May so that BTS would win BBMAs? BTS Emoticons#6 I am so proud of them aaaahhhh
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  • Drinking: ME


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